Cooking ain’t happening tonight: Where’s my SOS people?

Sometimes parenting is just hard. Not for one particular reason or even for ten. There are those days when I just feel ‘out of it’ and all I want to do is hole myself up under my covers and never emerge. Yet as a mom to young children that’s not an option. My bad mood, foggy brain, or distracted mind doesn’t matter. Diapers have to be changed, breakfast has to be made, noses have to be wiped, quarrals moderated, teaching, discipline…you get the idea. [Continue reading…]

My Green Beauty Event with Beautycounter (and GIVEAWAY!)

I was thrilled to co-host a Green Beauty Event this past week with my dear friend and fellow blogger Karianna Frey from Best Bib and Tucker Blog.

We brought in ShiftCon panelist Lindsay Dahl from Beauty and the Beast: Navigating the World of Green Beauty to share with everyone some education on the cosmetics industry. Lindsay has been an activist for over 10 years and ran successful state level bans on toxic ingredients in consumer products in Minnesota, where they became the first state to ban the toxic chemical BPA. She is currently the Director of Policy & Partnerships at Beautycounter. [Continue reading…]

What’s in my RED LIPSTICK!?: Finding safer brands in cosmetics


My journey into green living began about two years ago and it started with food. I think most of us start there. It’s an easy one to attack and start making changes where you see an immediate difference. But with all the education I learned about food I began to question other aspects of my home. What […]

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For those who have lost a baby


This blog has always been a place where vulnerability and honesty live. I want the things I share to be real, helpful and encouraging. Sometimes that may mean sharing an honest review of a product I am loving in hopes it becomes a favorite of my readers. Sometimes that may mean coming clean about an […]

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ShiftCon Swag Bag Giveaway!

ShiftCon Giveaway

As many of you know I have been on a journey over the past two years to make healthier choices both in the food we eat and the products we use. One such conference that has changed my life in this respect is ShiftCon. It’s an eco-concious green living conference with sessions focused on social […]

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The Dangers of Putting Up Fences: an Open Letter Regarding the Josh Duggar Controversy

The Dangers of Putting up fences: an open letter regarding the Josh Duggar Controversy

I don’t normally write about controversial topics here but my mom wrote this poignant piece and I couldn’t help but share it with all of you. I’m sure you’ll see where I got my writing ability from. 😉 Written by: Kristy McTaggart (aka Retro Modern Mom’s Mom) I’m going to be honest – as an […]

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Buying a New Car? How an Auto Loan Can Also Benefit Christian Ministry


When buying a car, figuring out finance options can be overwhelming. I’ve purchased four cars in my lifetime and each time it was so much work figuring out the best way to finance such a big purchase. With my first car in college I used my dealership to finance the loan and got a much […]

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The Five Baby Carriers on the Market and Which May Be Right for You

the five baby carriers on the market and which may be right for you

I am a HUGE fan of babywearing. I have been wearing my babies since my firstborn was a few weeks old. I have tried a slew of different carriers and have loved each one for different reasons. Since I blog about parenting products and baby gear I get asked a lot about the “best” baby […]

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There’s no SHOULD in Breastfeeding: my breastfeeding photo shoot

There's no SHOULD in Breastfeeding

With World Breastfeeding Week upon us it got me thinking about my own breastfeeding journey. The ups, the downs and all the people and things that helped ensure my success in breastfeeding my sons (chronicled here in The Unsung Heroes of Breastfeeding). I feel like everything I see or read on social media regarding breastfeeding […]

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The Unsung Heroes of Breastfeeding


To celebrate World Breastfeeding Week I wanted to give credit to those people and products that helped make my breastfeeding journey a success. Click on the link below for my list and comment below to let me know who or what you would put on your list. The Unsung Heroes of Breastfeeding

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