I Wanted A Man

Happy Fathers DayAs a mom I’ve learned you can’t be your baby’s everything. They need a daddy. They need other family members. They need friends and playmates. Each one of these relationships gives them something different that I just can’t, and that’s okay. So in an effort to honor the many different people in my sons life I wanted to write letters letting them know how truly appreciated and valuable they are, not just to my little man but to me as well. Since it is Father’s Day let me begin with a relationship that will mold and show him what it means to be a real man. Here is my love letter to my husband, the most selfless, generous, hard working man I know. I love you honey!


I Wanted a Man

I wanted a man whose eyes would light up when I walked through the door

I wanted a man to laugh about meaningless things till the wee hours of the morning

I wanted a man who could take care of a household, do his own laundry and be responsible for his own messes

I wanted a man to call me on my crap

I wanted a man to hold me when I cry

I wanted a man brave enough to cry with me

I wanted a man that would transform my crazy into normalcy

I wanted a man that would lift me up and encourage me in the Lord

I wanted a man smarter than I

I wanted a man that would allow me to be the mother to our children and stay at home to take care of them

I wanted a man who would be a father his children respected and admired

I wanted a man who wasn’t scared to stand up for what he believed in, yet perceptive enough to know when to sit down

I wanted a man whose strengths would compliment my weaknesses

I wanted a man to be my best friend

I wanted a man to see me for who I am and love me everyday in spite of it

I wanted so many things in a man, too numerous to recount them all. What I didn’t expect was to have all my wants answered one by one. As the years go by the Lord reveals his answers to my wants that show me more and more that you are the man I always wanted but dared not dream of.


Happy Fathers Day,

Your Loving Wife



  1. Great family pic!! Evan is so adorable!!!

  2. That was beautiful Sis. 🙂

  3. That’s beautiful sis! I’ve often described you marriage as “a perfect scenario for a lasting marriage. One that I would stake everything I own or will ever own on it’s strength.”

  4. Marlina says:

    That is so beautiful Kate ! I’m so happy our Lord has brought John in your life , I rember him as a little kid & I knew some day he would make a great Father & Husband ! Iam praying our gracious Lord will continue to bless your marriage 🙂

  5. I’m so happy the Lord brought you two together too.
    I knew he was a keeper when, right after getting my graduation card that said “time to get a job!” – he did! 🙂
    your mom

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