I have just returned from an amazing week-long stay up in the mountains. My hubby and his dad took on the daunting responsibility of speaking for the week at our church camp to over 100 little campers. It was quite the undertaking for them but as this is MY blog I am going to tell you about MY experience.

Obviously when you go to camp you expect dirt and rocks and sand. It goes with the territory and I certainly knew my Little Man would get pretty dirty since he was still crawling. But I figured there was always a clean shower in the cabin to wash him up. Our beautiful cabin would put a lot of motels to shame. It really was quite lovely and came with a mini fridge and microwave! After pulling the doilies off EVERY surface so Little Man wouldn’t pull a lamp down on his head I let him crawl around and discover his new home for the week. I also removed my shoes and began unpacking. It wasn’t but a few minutes later, after my Little Man had found EVERY outlet, open toilet and trash can, that I realized his knees and hands were pitch black – as were the bottoms of my feet.

Let me explain to you my disgust with dirty carpet. I am one of those people that makes you remove your shoes before entering my house. When you have white carpet, not by choice, and a baby crawling around you get a bit anal about what’s on your floor. Not to say this is a new thing for me. When my darling in-laws took my hubby and I on a weekend getaway to a quaint mountain town, instead of relishing in the “quaintness” of the cabin I was feaking out about what on EARTH was making the carpet so slick you could literally slide from one end of the room to the other. But I digress…Ok what were we talking about again? Oh yes, DIRT. So after washing off my baby and my feet I decided we were just going to dedicate a pair of socks as our ‘walking in the cabin socks.’ Of course these would be removed BEFORE getting into bed as dirty feet in clean sheets is another pet peeve.

I head down to the volleyball court to socialize with the other campers and my fellow mommy friend who was up there with her two little ones. The babies love playing in the rocky sand and my social Little Man quickly makes friends with the campers. When I go to retrieve him for dinner he has dirt smudged above his eye, on his cheeks, sticks in his hair and dust on every visible (and invisible, I later found rocks in his diaper) body part.

Getting dirty with the Boys!

Trying to reach his new favorite treat, acorns.

Needless to say the week went on like this with me constantly washing and re-washing his hands. I came to camp thinking I was pretty prepared for the level of dirtiness that would ensue but by Wednesday I had given up as he ate yet another acorn. Rocks were his new favorite toy and he had slivers in each hand from crawling up and down the many wooden steps. I knew any shred of cleanliness had officially left me Wednesday night when my hubby asked if we should bathe him before bed and my response was, “Nah, we went in the pool today, he’s good.”

Although we’ve been back for a few days and taken many a baths I think he STILL has dirt under his fingernails and somehow I am ok with that.


  1. Marlina says:

    I understand how you feel completely !! When the kids were 2&3 we went to Yosemite I knew there was going to be dirt ! I just dident know how much dirt would find them !! As we were unpacking & trying to keep track of 2&3 year old I was going in two different directions ! Just as I turned to get Rozzy I see Jr flipping into the fire pit thank the Lord it hadn’t been lit for a few days & I thought dirt was hard to get off !! Scrubbing off charcoal is a whole different story . Now here was Rozzy with dirt on her face , in her ears, & up her nose , I finely just learned to give them there bath before bed at least they could start off the day clean !! 🙂

  2. yes, it comes along with the territory of having a boy, they love dirt! When we go camping, the pool counts as a bath 🙂

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