BlogHer, Yep I’m Going…Are You?

Some of you may know from my incessant mentions that I am attending BlogHer this week in San Diego. It’s one of the largest blogging conferences of the year bringing together over 3,000 attendees for educational sessions, networking and, of course, parties. I always wanted to attend BlogHer when I was working in the PR field but the chance never came about. Now that I’m on the other side of the fence, being a mom and blogger, I decided this is the year to make it happen.

My dear hubby is graciously braving baby duty for 3 nights and 4 days. Not sure he totally knows what he’s in for but if anything I’ll come back to a man with a greater appreciation for what I do everyday. If you want to follow his sometimes poopy, always hysterical tweets of what life is like without mom, feel free to follow him on Twitter #MomatBlogHer. Of course this will be the longest I will have ever been away from my Little Man so I’m also hoping I don’t have a nervous breakdown…thank God for Skype!

As I prepare for BlogHer I am constantly scouring blogs of conference veterans for helpful tips. Not to mention meeting new friends on Twitter whom I can’t wait to meet in person. Here’s a few blog posts I found helpful, and if you are also attending BlogHer I hope you will too:

5 Minutes for Mom – “5 Tips to Make Sure You have a Blast at Conferences!”
Mom Crunch – “The Drama Cure – How to end Conference and Online Drama
BlogHer Official Page – “Nine Tips for BlogHer Newbies
Options for Nothing – “Ten Tips for BlogHer ‘11

Wish Me Luck!


  1. That sounds so cool Sis!! You’ll have to tell me how it went.

  2. I can’t wait to meet you Kate! You are fabulous and fun — my kinda type — I can already tell. 🙂

    THANKS for the link love too! 🙂

  3. So, what a cool, put-together looking website you have here 😉
    Did he miss his mommie?

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