Sailing with Microsoft

I have always enjoyed the water. Maybe it’s because I come from the land of 10,000 lakes, but there is nothing quite like feeling the wind whipping in your hair and rushing through your ears, drowning out every sound as you glide across the water. So when I received an invite to go sailing in the San Diego marina with a few select bloggers I couldn’t have been more excited! I had been on a lot of different boats but NEVER a sailboat! The thought of being knocked off the boat by some moving wooden pole did cross my mind but I put aside my fears and headed out to the dock.

We were met by a very boisterous Captain Tim who insisted on hoisting the ladies onto his boat.

Captain Tim hoisting me aboard!

We then had the “rules” chat which basically was a how-to on using the restroom. Let’s just say it took more steps than a tax return…we all chose to hold it till we got back. Drinks were poured, jokes were told and I met some amazing women whom I have been following for years. Robyn Wright from Robyns Online World kept us in stiches with her little one liners. Meeting Amy Bellgardt from MomSpark was a welcome surprise as her retro blog was an inspiration for my own. Tayna Gordon from Mommy Goggles was such a sweetheart and even showed me how Sky Drive worked from her phone! Louise Bishop from MomStart was quite the shutterbug and was still nice to me even after I almost lost her camera overboard (remember my fear of being side swiped by a moving sail beam…yea that almost happened). Then there was the token male (besides Captain Tim) Troy Pattee from Dadventurous. He was the voice of reason, or at least tried to be. In reality he just kept my glass full of Pinot Grigio. ; )

Getting to socialize with all the ladies!

Our hostess with the mostess was Kristina Libby from Microsoft and she couldn’t have been more adorable. I’m not sure where she gets her bubbly energy but you can’t help but have a smile on your face around her. Kristina shared a bit about Microsoft but mostly it was just a time of relaxing and connecting. All in all it was a perfect ending to a perfect conference. Thanks again Microsoft!


  1. You are so cute! Thanks for coming!

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