Is Meal Planning the Bane of Your Existence? Then Let Me Tell You About E-Mealz…


Im always on the lookout for a way to make meal planning & grocery shopping easier and more efficient. So when I met Heather at BlogHer and heard about E-Mealz I was intrigued.

Here’s the gist of the program: 

“For $5.00 per month, subscribers download a recipe plan for the week with a matching aisle-by-aisle grocery list. The easy-to-follow recipes usually contain fewer than seven ingredients to allow for prep times of less than 30 minutes. It also helps families stay within a predictable budget by being prepared with a detailed list to use at the grocery store.”

Menu plans based on weekly grocery store sales, seasonal discounts and diet preferences? SIGN ME UP!

After perusing through the many diet preferences and finding my closest grocery store I decided to sign up for the ‘Low Fat Ralphs Meal Plan.’ Each week I downloaded a plan with 7 complete meal ideas and an adjoining shopping list. The shopping list even showed sale prices of each item and allowed spaces to add additional groceries. It was quite handy and I loved the fact that it gave me new recipe ideas. I even learned how to make my own sloppy joe sauce and Chinese beef marinade. YUM!

Although I don’t need 7 dinner recipes every week I liked that I could pick my top 4 choices and know with certainty exactly how much my meals are costing. The recipes are very simple and basic so anyone can do this! If you enjoy mixing things up like I do  it’s easy to substitute something you may like more or already have on hand. For example: With the Beef Lettuce Cups meal it called for rice and orange wedges
as the side dishes. I am a big veggie fan so I also made green beans since they go well with Asian flavors and were on sale.

You can see from my sample menu plan and shopping list I was able to highlight only the items I needed and add additional items I had coupons for to the right.

E-Mealz Sample Menu Plan and Shopping List

From my receipt you can see how much I saved using the E-Mealz plan along with my coupons. I saved over 50%!!!

My savings from one of the weeks

So you may be wondering how you can try this wonderful program. Well the people over at E-Mealz have offered a discount of 10% to all my readers! Just use my referral link here and the code: BLOGHER to get your discount!

And if that wasn’t enough they have graciously offered to giveaway a 3 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION to one lucky reader! The contest will close on WEDNESDAY 9/28 at 12 midnight. You can get up to 4 entries so make sure to read the directions below carefully.

Here’s how to enter:

  •  Leave a comment telling me why you need menu planning help
  • Visit the E-Mealz blog at & leave a comment telling me which blog post you found to be most helpful.
  • “Like” E-Mealz Facebook Page & leave a comment telling me you have done so.
  • Tweet the following phrase & leave a comment with a link to the tweet. “Just entered @EMEALZ giveaway for 3 month free subscription via @Wilkinsonjk



  1. That is really neat! For $5 a month it seems like it’s worth it even if you only pull 2-3 recipes a week from the plan. After breaking down and buying two pizzas for the freezer this week (I am so anti-premade food) this is looking awfully attractive. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, K!

  2. Still basking in the glory of hearing my daughter, who never touched a vegetable till she was 2, say “I’m a big veggie fan”…
    AND thinking about subscribing to this. It sounds like fun!

  3. I need meal planning to save money

  4. I “LIKE” e-mealz on FB

  5. And the blog… Using towel racks to store pot lids… GENIUS

  6. I’m a new mom…and I’m tired of eating cereal for dinner. Help me Kate!

  7. The 10% discount was enough to push me into trying it. I have considered doing this program for some time now. I like that it is on a 3 month plan so I don’t feel locked in. Let’s see how it goes 🙂

  8. I have been listening to Dave Ramsey for over a year now and they advertise during his show ad nauseum. When I saw that you had joined and tried it out, that was the tipping point for me, and now I am cooking meal #5.

  9. I need menu planning help because I have 2 crazy kids that love to EAT!!!! I get so stuck in “ruts” of making the same thing over and over for dinner. And I hate buying “premde” stuff – it just doen’t taste as good. Not to mention I am always down to save money!!!! I love that they match up the meal plans with the stores – awesome!

    Vistited the blog – liked this entry best
    We have a hard time getting Parker to eat at school unless I do something special to his lunch & this had some really cute ideas.

    Liked the Easy Meals facebook page

    Tweeted : )

  10. Why do I need meal-planning help? Does a person staring into the refrigerator at 5:30 p.m. hoping a premade dinner will jump out at her need help? Does a family with more month left than money need meal planning help? Does a grandma with two grandbabies nine- and ten-months-old crawling and rolling underfoot need help? Does a wife who gets as an answer to her question “what would you like for dinner?” the response “Something thoughtfully and lovingly prepared” need help? HELP!

  11. I really appreciated this article on Make Time for Family: And I “Liked” e-meals on Facebook. 🙂

  12. How do you link to a tweet?? @Jewelsea

    “Just entered @EMEALZ giveaway for 3 month free subscription via @Wilkinsonjk

  13. I need it because my life is plain hectic! Is that an oxymoron? With 3 children, I need to save time somewhere. This seems the way to do it.

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