When You Fall In the Gutter, LITERALLY!

It’s weeks like this where I am ready to throw in the towel and hide under the covers until help arrives (usually in the form of grandparents ;). But when you’re a mom that’s just not an option. The tipping point, literally, was when I was loading up the stroller with Little Man, diaper bag, grocery bag, returns, food, etc. and the weight of all that stuff tipped the stoller backwards into the mud filled gutter getting everything wet. Thank God the baby was strapped in, totally unfazed and fine. What really sealed the deal was a man across the street standing outside a store watching this whole thing unfold and didn’t rush over to help me or even call out to ask if we were ok! YOU JUST WATCHED A BABY IN A STROLLER FALL OVER AND YOU’RE JUST STANDING THERE??!!! Who does that!? It took a lot not to lose it in the middle of the street.

But as I sit back and think about how it all went down it speaks to how we can all get bogged down to the point where we finally tip over and may need help getting back up again. As a mom it is so temping to overschedule ourselves. There is that mommy class on Monday, bible study on Tuesday, MOPS on Wednesday, music class on Thursday and by Friday you’ve wondered where the week has gone! And let’s not even mention the grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, bill paying, dog feeding chores that sometimes slip through the cracks (We forgot to feed the dog until 9pm last night! YIKES!). So I am taking this week as a wake up call to remember to slow down and appreciate the now. I took the below photo this week in a moment of clarity and posted it to my Facebook page. It was met by very different comments. Granted the life of a stay at home mom is not for everyone but I am certain it’s right where God wants me.

Laundry strewn about, toys in every corner, Sesame Street on the TV and a baby in PJs toddling around. I've waited eight years to get to this place and I love it even more than I thought I would.


  1. The problem with some grandparents – usually ones that were Only Children – is their tendency to crawl right under the covers with you and say, “What should we do?”

  2. Awh 🙂 I love those messy house moments. And I totally think that you are right – the stroller tipping is a sign. Slow down and enjoy it 🙂

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