Loot for Cute!

I am a HUGE fan of fall. There is just something about the colors, the chill in the air, apple picking, pumpkin patches and best of all (now that I have a baby) costumes. There is nothing cuter than little kids running around the neighborhood dressed up as their favorite superhero or princess. You see before I even got pregnant the hubby was adamant that our baby (no matter what gender) be a pea pod for their first Halloween. He just had it in his head that a peapod was the single cutest thing for a little baby to be…and frankly he was right.

Our Little Peapod

Our Little Peapod

So we dressed Little Man, who was about 4 months old, up as a peapod and Grandma got to take him around to her neighbors and show off her new grandson. Precious right?

But this year it seems a bit silly for my Little Man, who is walking around and chattering up a storm, to be something so simple and clean. Plus who wants to spend a ton of cash on an outfit he will wear for only a few hours?! I hemmed and hawed over it for a few weeks wondering what to do and then it came to me… – in the form of a sale…which is where I get all my best ideas. There, hanging on a rack at Gymboree, was the cutest pair of pajamas I had ever seen. Yep, pajamas. If you know me then you know how obsessed I am with pajamas. I can never have enough and the same goes for my Little Man. The kid wears a new pair every night of the week. Yes I know I am ridiculous and making more laundry for myself but I don’t care. So what could make this mother’s heart happier than Pirate Pajamas? NOTHING! Plus when he’s in a sugar coma from all the sweets we can just scoop him up and place him in bed. It’s a win-win!

Pirate Pajamas - Gymboree

I was a tad concerned the hubby may not be on board but when I showed him the pjs upon arriving home he immediately wanted to find face paint to draw on stubble and get him an eye patch and hat. So watch out this Halloween for Pirate Little Man!

What are your kids dressing up as for Halloween? When do they stop letting you decide for them? Is this my last year of deciding what he gets to be? (because next year we’re hoping for Robin, to go with Batman and Pregnant Catwoman)


  1. I didn’t know Batman was messing around with Catwoman!

  2. Leslie White says:

    Love it! I think you have at least another year. Mateo has been telling us what he wants to be since he was 2. At the age of 2 he wanted to be a snow leopard, then the next year it was a gorilla, this year it will be Buzz Lightyear, who knows what next year will hold. Xavi is going to be an howl this year. Enjoy it while it lasts, time sure does fly.

  3. Amy Jahnke says:

    I only got to pick Parker’s costume the 1st year. The last 2 years he has wanted to pick himself. And Teagan, well let’s just say she has a mind of her own and theres no swaying her. She wanted nothing to do with being a princess and instead picked a bee costume for herself. A little disappointing because mommy was all set to buy a princess dress. But I’m grateful to have 2 independent kids who know what they like! Besides, the bee is probably more fitting for her personality anyways ; )

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