Halloween with the Hub

I attended a Halloween party awhile back put on by the Hub TV Network. It was our first Halloween party with Little Man and although he may have been a bit young to appreciate all the fun games, face painting, scavenger hunt and screenings he certainly did love the food! The table of food included mini hamburgers, gourmet mac & cheese, chicken fingers and much more. John and I went back for seconds and even thirds. Little Mans favorite was the sweet potato fries, of which he ate two plate fulls (where does he fit it all!?)!

I was interested to find out that Little Mans favorite dump truck toy series “Chuck” actually has a show on the Hub. Since his favorite word right now is “Trash Truck” he is obsessed with Chuck and his friend Rowdy (the garbage truck).


The Adventures of Chuck and Friends airs weekdays at 10am ET | 7am PT


It was certainly a great time with the family and we did learn one new thing about Evan: he is NOT a fan of characters with big heads (sorry Strawberry Shortcake!)

It looks like I may be watching more than just Sprout from now on!

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