Me? A Technology Leader? – Becoming a Windows Champion

Back in August many of you know I attended the BlogHer Conference in San Diego. It was there I met the team from Microsoft and was invited on their sunset sail. As I mentioned in a previous post they were wonderful and ever so helpful. When I recently shared that my behemouth of a laptop had started giving me grief and the keyboard starting shorting out while typing they came to the rescue and asked if I would like to be a Windows Champion. Now what is a Windows Champion you may wonder? Here’s the skinny as it was explained to me:

The Windows Champions program is nearly sixty of the nation’s top parent, men’s interest, student and fashion bloggers united to form the elite group of blogging masterminds. These bloggers were chosen to get a one-year, all-access pass to some of the hottest Windows PCs, Microsoft gear and news putting them at the forefront of technology trends. To get a little insight in real time, you can follow along with all of them on Twitter with #windowschampions!

Now the goal of the program is to make me a technology leader to my readers and friends. Although I can certainly work a computer and office programs I would never consider myself a tech geek. In fact just figuring out how to create this blog made my head spin. But since this blog is all about branching out and tackling the scary things in life I was up for the challenge. If Microsoft can’t turn me into one of the top tech savvy bloggers then who can!?

My new silver Sony laptop

So here I am blogging from my NEW Sony Vaio Y laptop. It’s small and highly mobile (it weighs just around three pounds and has an 11.6” HD screen!) but packs “big PC” power so I can run all of my Windows programs and browse the web at blazing speeds.  And it gets amazing battery life – around 6 hours  on a single charge! I just returned from a trip to New York and for the first time was able to work almost the entire plane ride on my laptop without it running out of juice. A SERIOUS step up from the former laptop that no longer holds a charge. Some of the features I am already loving include:

  • Homegroups —I was dreading transferring all my files and pictures to a new laptop and was prepared to either email them all or save them to a flashdrive. But with Homegroup I didn’t have to! It’s super simple to set up and now I share a common network with the other laptops in our home so we can file share with the click of a button. The only drawback is that my other laptop has to be turned on in order to access any files. But all in all a SUPER helpful feature.
  • Snap—If I drag windows all the way to the edges of my screen they snap into place, taking up only half the screen.
  • Jump Lists—Allows me to see the features that I use the most, like the last document I had open by simply right-clicking any program button down on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Pin –From the Jump List (see above) I can “Pin” the document so it’s ALWAYS just 2 clicks away.  This worked great for the Holiday Card List I was working on and pulling up constantly.
  • Shake—I hate a cluttered screen! Whenever I want to clear the screen to focus on only the window in front of me I just click and hold the top of a pane and give my mouse a shake. Voila! Every open window except that one instantly disappears. Jiggle again—and my windows are back.

It’s been a fun few weeks with my new baby and Im thinking I should give her a name. Any thoughts?


  1. Love the post! You have nothing to fear. I’ll hold your hand. 🙂

  2. I wish I could use the Shake feature on some crowded rooms!

  3. Jake Newton says:

    How about Dragon? Or firestorm. You want a name that demands respect. I named my computer “Time Vampire” for it’s ability to suck hours right out of the day.

  4. Linda Miller says:

    Violetta , dramatic, just like the blogger herself!! 🙂 …and THAT”S my final answer! “-)

  5. I named my new laptop Vito. In honor of “Veto, My Italian Lover” because my friend used to say that all the time when she disagreed with something.

  6. Hee Hee…… I like the name Vito. That’s awesome.

  7. I’m so happy for you Kate our Lord has truly blessed your life !! Since you love this new lap top of yours I think you should name it after
    Something you love !! : )

  8. Congrats!! And thanks for turning me on to that “shake” feature. Love it!!

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