I’m Asking for Diapers This Mothers Day…No I’m Not Crazy

Can you imagine not having enough diapers for your baby?

Sadly this is the case for more moms than we like to imagine. In 2010, an estimated 22% of California children lived below the FederalPoverty Level (FPL) of $22,113 annually for a family of four with two children.

Diaper NEED Facts

  • 1 in 3 families in the U.S. struggle to buy diapers for their children
  • Most free/subsidized childcare programs require parents to provide disposable diapers
  • You cannot use Food stamps or WIC for diapers
  • For many families in crisis this can mean being forced to choose between buying diapers or other basic needs like shelter, food, and medicine.

I was recently asked to join the Loas Angeles Advisory Council for Help A Mother Out (HAMO), a non-profit dedicated to providing diapers for homeless and low income families. As this is a need that is near and dear to my heart I was honored to be involved in growing awareness for diaper need in the LA area. This Mothers Day HAMO has launched a national Mother’s Day Call To Action with a goal to raise $30,000 to support the work to get diapers to families in need. But we can’t do this alone.


Here’s some ideas for how:

You will notice the donation widget to the right of this post. Feel free to donate there or go to the actual donation site to see where we are at in meeting our goal. Also, anyone who donates during April 15 – May 13 can send a Mother’s Day gift card as a lovely gift! http://www.razoo.com/story/Moms2012

“Help A Mother Out is raising $30,000 to sustain our program to get diapers to families in need.  Your help will make a big difference in the lives of babies.” http://www.razoo.com/story/Moms2012

the link and a call to action! Here’s a few samples:

Start your own fundraiser
You can join their efforts by starting your own fundraiser (http://www.helpamotherout.org/help/fundraise) or holding a diaper drive for a social service in your community (http://www.helpamotherout.org/help/start-yourown-diaper-drive/).

As a mom who still has a little one in diapers I cannot even imagine what these moms must go through. So in lieu of gifts this year from my family I am asking that they give diapers instead. Let’s make sure every little bottom is covered this Mother Day!

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