The Musical Stylings of Mathai – The Voice

Mathai 19 years old

I have never been one to promote a show on my blog, especially one that asks for people to vote. Yet, here I am promoting The Voice! But in reality I’m not really promoting the show as much as one of their contestants that I have come to know, Mathai. Although she is currently from Texas we have had the pleasure of having Mathai at our chapel while she’s been in Los Angeles filming The Voice. She is as sweet as she seems on the show and I must say our worship sounds beautiful with her voice in the mix. Praise the Lord that he has brought her here for the moment!

Now I would never ask you to vote for anyone that doesn’t deserve it. But I think you will agree once you hear her sing that this girl has a voice like no other and could use any help we can give in keeping her on the show to shine the Lord’s light in this industry.

So if you are able please watch The Voice MONDAY, April 23rd on NBC and VOTE for Mathai!

I can’t wait to see where God leads her on this journey.


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