Pancake Manor

My son is obsessed with Pancakes. It’s his absolute favorite thing to eat in the morning…or really any time of day. I credit this love of pancakes to my husband who has been making pancakes for Little Man since before he had teeth.


Little Man (5 months) and Dada cooking pancakes


Every Saturday morning without fail Little Man calls “Dada!” from his room and the minute he sees my husband he gets SUPER excited and squeals “PANCAKES!!!” I love that he has a love for cooking. He’s even gotten coordinated enough to scoop the flour and dump it into the bowl (with Dada closely monitoring of course).


Daddy and Little Man making pancakes today

So when we found kids videos called Pancake Manor we couldn’t help but be intrigued. And they certainly don’t disappoint! The music is catchy and often I find myself singing along. They are certainly some of my favorite videos I pull up on You Tube when I need a quick distraction at the diaper changing station or grocery store. Here’s one of my favorite videos presently:



Hope your little ones enjoy them as much as we have! What are your favorite videos for kids?


  1. I love this story, pancakes, and Pancake Manor. I found your post while ordering some Pancake Manor T-shirts for the whole family, so I’m a bit obsessed.

    I was very excited to cook our daughter her first pancakes this past summer. My grandma’s recipe has been a family favourite for years, and it was time to share it with another generation. I agree that every Saturday should be Pancake Day!

    • Haha! I had no idea Pancake Manor had t-shirts! They are a favorite still in this household. Love all their fun videos. Hope your daughter shares your enthusiasm for pancakses.

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