Baby Wash & Shampoo Round Up Review

When I first had Little Man (2 years ago) I was SUPER concerned about what I was putting on his skin. I checked labels and looked for all the known chemicals to avoid such as Phthalates, Parabens, Formaldehyde, Propylene Glycol, and PEG, just to name a few. But finding a good baby wash that met my criteria was still tough. Not sure what matters to you but this is what matters to me:
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Would not sting the eyes
  • Concentrated – would last awhile (not just 5 baths!)
  • LOTS of bubbles (he loves bubbles!)
  • Did not dry out skin
  • cost

So in an effort to find the perfect baby wash I thought I would share my findings of a few brands I have tried. None of these brands have any harsh chemicals so I won’t go into their ingredient list but I will address my other criteria and how they stacked up.

Johnson’s Natural Baby Shampoo

Johnson's Natural Baby Shampoo

The Natural line is a major step up in the Johnson & Johnson line of baby products.

  • The packaging says “no more tears” and it didn’t seem to bother Little Man’s eyes!
  • Enjoyable scent reminiscent of fresh leaves and not too overwhelming.
  • The liquid felt very watery and I needed to use a lot of it to suds up Little Man.
  • The bubbles were ok for a minute but quickly disappeared
  • It does seem to dry out Little Man’s skin a bit. I used this on my own skin and felt it made it feel tighter than normal.
  • Great Price $4.99


Aveeno Baby Organic Harvest

Aveeno Baby Organic Harvest

The entire line of Aveeno Organic Harvest is made from 70% certified organic ingredients, allergy-tested and fragrance-free.

  • It states the product is “tear-free” and there was no need to worry as the foam stayed in place.
  • Although it claims to be fragrance free I still smelled something…and it wasn’t enjoyable.
  • It comes out in a foam but it doesn’t give you much per squirt. It took me 3 squirts just for his head.
  • The bubbles were great and they lasted a good long time.
  • My sons skin seemed clean and fresh and not terribly dry. I washed my hands with it and it certaily didn’t moisturize my skin but it didn’t stip it as badly as some other soaps.
  • A tad steep $11.99


J.R. Watkins Natural Baby Wash

J.R. Watkins Natural Baby Wash

The packaging alone just makes me want to try this product, it’s beautiful! It has 100% natural ingredients and contains the essence of fresh shea and rice flower.

  • This says it is a “tear free formula” and it lives up to it’s claim
  • It smells like baby powder and although it’s enjoyable it is a tad heavy.
  • The consistency is thick and a little goes a long way which means this bottle will last a good long time.
  • The bubbles are AMAZING and last a good long time. My son enjoys ‘helping’ wash his belly and playing with the bubbles between his fingers.
  • The formula is great at replenishing moisture and leaves my Little Mans skin soft but doe not dry it out. Even though JR Watkins does have a complimentary baby lotion you don’t even need it!
  • Decent Price $8.99


ECO Baby Body Wash

ECO Store Baby Body Wash

Now this brand states on the label that it is plant based and has “No nasty chemicals.” It is also made in the USA and is free of animal testing. Not to say the other brands test on animals but this brand specifically calls it out on the back label.
  • Although it does not claim anywhere to be tear free I used this on my own face and had no irritation at all.
  • I can not get enough of this scent! There is a delightfully subtle aromatherapy blend of Lavender and Geranium. I feel like I am in a Spa every time I open it!
  • The consistency is runny but it does seem pretty concentrated because a little goes a LONG way. I would recommend the manufacturer use a pump bottle as the contents come out very quickly and I always end up with too much.
  • Although there isn’t many bubbles it does lather quite well
  • This stuff is AMAZING at leaving your skin moisturized and soft. After using it on my own face I didn’t even feel the need for lotion!
  • Great Price $4.25


Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

Created by an herbalist and nurse this company is all about safe toxin free products. They rate a zero for toxins on the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics’ Skin Deep database and is the first company in their category to achieve this rating.

  • The packaging doesn’t claim to be tear-free and the website states, “This is not a ‘no-tear’ formula, so please use extra care around your angel baby’s eyes! The ingenious self-foaming bottle makes sure the pure castile soap stays just where you want it.” I’ve personally never had a problem with irritation as it comes out in a foam and stays where you put it.
  • The scent is reminiscent of orange citrus which is great for my cleaning products but wasn’t a big fan of this for a baby wash.
  • This comes out in a foam and one pump was all i needed for most of his body plus another pump for his hair (he has a lot!)
  • It provided good suds and Little Man really enjoys getting the foam on his hands and playing with the bubbles.
  • If you are a fan of that ‘squeaky’ clean feeling on your skin then you will love this. I felt that it left my skin pretty dry and I really wanted some lotion afterwards. Definitely not a product I would use in the winter on Little Mans skin since he already has a tendency to dry out.
  • Price $10.95, 34 oz. refills $49.95



Overall each body wash /shampoo had pros and cons. I would say my two favorites based on all criteria were ECO Store and J.R. Watkins. ECO Store for it’s smell, concentration and price and J.R. Watkins based on consistency, bubbles, and how moisturized your skin feels afterwards.


I hope this was helpful! What’s your favorite brand? Did I leave some good ones out? Let me know and I would be happy to do a Part 2.


Disclosure: I did not recieve any of these products for review purposes and all opinions are my own.


  1. I think I’ll check out the ECO one. Did you buy it at a store or from their website?

    Right now we’re using Aveeno baby. I like the smell, but it does have sodium laurel sulfate in it. (Is that a “bad” ingredient? I’m losing track…) I have also tried Mustela. The smell was too much for me at first, but I grew to love it. Too spendy, though. Others I’ve tried are Little Twig and California Baby, which are both chemical free and eco friendly, but no smell. I guess what I’m learning about myself is that I like a good-smelling baby shampoo!

    • The ECO one is definitely one of my favorite scents, but I am a huge fan of lavender. I actually got that bottle in a gift bag so I am not sure how their online purchasing is. I tried California Baby and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I didn’t have a bottle on hand to review for this and it’s been so long since I’ve used it I have forgotten everything I loved about it. But if you are going for scent and price I would say ECO.

  2. You know I have to post on this one =) I used probably all of those up there on the girls looking for a great, safe product. I have only used Arbonne Baby Care Baby product on Brock. I love the entire line (I think the herbal diaper rash cream is the BEST on the market)! I have learned so much about reading ingredients and what is behind some claims. To your needs: It is 100% botanically based and has no harsh chemicals, dyes or synthetic fragrance and more ( I could go on and on but I won’t 😉 ). It is a light baby fresh smell. It does not make bubbles =( It has no fillers so all you need is the size of a pea for both hair and body. Unless some cute little hand get hold of it and squeeze the entire brand new bottle into the bath (which has happened) it will last a while. It leaves skin soft and smooth (I use it when my eczema flairs up). Brooklyn is 6 with EXTREMELY sensitive skin and eczema and she uses the body wash and follows with the baby oil and lotion and it is the only thing that keeps it away. It costs $9.75 – $15.00 depending on your discount level and when you are close to running out, you go to your computer, order more and it is at your door in two days. One less thing for a busy mom to have to remember. =)

    • Great insight Megan! I actually have the Arbonne Baby Wash and totally forgot to include it! I will have to update my post with a review of that as well. : )

  3. Kathryn Rigsbee says:

    I have tried them all, the one I like best is Burt’s Bees for baby. It’s natural and smells amazing. I use the baby apricot oil too after bathtime. You can get a little sample baby gift set. We use the lotion sometimes too after bath, you could just eat them up!

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