Summer Activities with Your Kids at Home

As the weather heats up and the sandals come out I am reminded that most of my ‘Mommmy & Me’ activities I attend will be coming to an end. : ( With such an influx of time on my hands I started to wonder how I could entertain my busy Little Man on these long warm days. My MOPS Mom friends helped me come up with some fun and easy (read cheap!) ideas that will help pass the time and make memories for your child.

Fun & Easy Summer Activities for Kids

  • Car Wash – Make a car wash for your toddlers Hot Wheels with a bowl of sudsy water, sponge and cloth.
  • Build a fort – Take any large box and tip it upside down. Cut a door and windows in it for a fun cave, fort or house. Let the kids color it with markers or crayons
  • Sidewalk Chalk – need I say more?
  • Paint – Lakeshore has great no spill pain cups that help keep this otherwise messy activity a little more manageable. Purchase here!
  • Dig for Treasure – Use a big bucket or shoebox and fill with dirt. Bury cheap small toy animals, cars, beads or whatever would strike your kids fancy. Have them dig for buried treasure then make a treasure chest out of another shoebox with construction paper and markers.
  • Dig for Worms – similar idea as above but you can do this anywhere in your yard. Make a home for the worms out of a shoebox with leaves, sticks, etc. Cut square holes out of the top and tape saran wrap over them so the worms stay in and you can see them wiggling around.
  •  Sand – Buy a bag of sand from your local hardware store and just dump it in your backyard. Give them some sand toys or trucks and let them at it!
  • Make a MESS! – I’ve heard cornstarch and water (or glue) makes the biggest mess ever but creates the coolest ooey gooey clay that kids love to play with. Just take a hose to the pavement afterwards. ; )
  • Water balloons! – Or blow up regular balloons and fill them with just a bit of water so they can be shaken and thrown on the grass without breaking.
  • Target squirting – Set plastic cups on the top of a fence, deck railing, or balanced on kids heads and let other children squirt them off with water guns or plastic water bottles.  You can create points by writing on the plastic cups and keep score or just see who’s the fastest to knock over the cups.
  • Bubbles –  Create your own bubble solution with dish washing liquid, water, and a teaspoon of sugar.  Pour into a shallow container with a wide open mouth and then use odd objects to create your bubbles.  String, rubber bands, the spaghetti strainer, straws, slotted spoons and anything else you can think of make some fun bubbles!
  • Make a slip n’slide – Use an old tarp as a slip n’ slide, or buy one.  The kids will enjoy this activity for a few hours on a hot summer day.


I hope this has started your creative juices flowing. Do you have any other fun activities you do with your kids? Please share!

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