I Wore a Bikini Today…Don’t Worry I am Not Posting Pictures

not actual bathing suit

I wore a bikini today. Not in a dressing room…in PUBLIC. I haven’t worn one in probably 4 years. This bikini was purchased pre baby body when I was two sizes smaller. Granted it was a bit smaller than before with some flab falling over the straps. The poor suit clasp was grabbing on for dear life…but it held!

It was a hot day and I had decided to go to the local pool with Little Man. He started swim classes a few weeks ago and I figured he would enjoy splashing around in a cool pool (and I would too). If I had been meeting a friend I may have just grabbed the tankini, but with a ruffle skirt bottom it’s cute but not practical. After getting wet it resembles more of Mumu than a vintage suit. Not to mention it takes FOREVER to dry due to all the extra fabric.

So I sucked it up (or should I say in?), dug out my bikini from the bottom of my drawer and headed to the pool. There were a bunch of kids playing water polo, moms watching from the sidelines and cute college guys lifeguarding. As I walked Little Man to the edge of the pool I realized I was the only mom getting in the water. The other moms kinda gave me a funny look but I held my head high and plunged in. And you know what? We had the BEST time! We splashed on the ramp, blew bubbles, sang songs, played with water weights and overall had a blast.

I thought I would be much more self conscience than I was. Who cared if my stomach was no longer flat or whiter than snow! I didn’t know these people or care what they thought of me. I was having FUN!

My friends will probably never see me in said bikini but for one morning I was bold and uninhibited.

So this begs the question for me why is it we can sometimes be so much more vulnerable with strangers than friends?


  1. Work it girl!
    Your friends love ya donning a mumu, a tutu or even a cute two piece (;

  2. Reading this made me realize that I shouldn’t care so much what other people think anymore. 🙂
    Having fun and living life to its fullest is all that I (and other people) should care about.
    Love it!

  3. Why can’t this be a MomsLA post? This is so awesome.

  4. Woo-Hoo! I agree with PP, this should be a MomsLA post! The funny thing? I will typically only rock a two piece when preggo, mostly because I hate the feeling of the swim fabric on the belly! So, I’m the one sporting the two-piece with belly and stretch marks! Hahaha! But all that said, It’s hard to walk a fine line between modesty and swim comfort though… but there are some super cute vintage (and pretty modest) two-pieces out there. Yay!

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