Baby Bump Photo and Poop Stories: New Right Start Posts!

Sorry I have been lax in posting. It’s been a bit of a busy season for us. I wanted to share with you all that my posts are now appearing every Sunday on the Right Start Blog! I would love your support and comments. The posts won’t be much different from what you would read here (ok just maybe a tad shorter ;)).

My first post went live last Sunday and gives you a glimpse into pregnancy The Second Time Around. The bump has gotten a bit bigger as we are 17 weeks now but it’s a fun read!

My second post went live yesterday and I am pretty proud of this one. It makes me crack up laughing recalling these mom horror stories. So if you want a good laugh or have a story to share about your kid come and comment away!

Thanks so much for all your continued support and stay tuned as I will still be writing my more personal thoughts at Retro Modern Mom.

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