Having an attitude of gratitude in the midst of chaos

Thankfulness was never something I thought I needed to work on. Of course I am thankful! But this week as my house is under construction and everything seems to be breaking (including my patience) I find gratitude eluding me in this month of thanksgiving. When your laundry room floods, your dryer stops drying right when you have five loads of laundry, your Internet conks out, you have to figure out other places to be with your toddler for the entire day (including nap time) so he doesn’t kill himself with the live wires hanging out of your walls, along with maintaining your regularly scheduled commitments…yea these don’t necessarily illicit an attitude of gratitude.

I feel horribly guilty for how hard this is on me. After all there are so many others worse off! Not to mention I can see the hand of the Lord providing for each situation that arises. So as I sit in a Starbucks (using their free wifi) I think it’s time to make a list of things to be thankful for to get a little perspective.

  1. In laws that will allow my son and I to nap at their house and cook us dinner when we need it.
  2. Friends that will watch my son at a moments notice so I can take a moment and breathe (while I wait for the Maytag repair man to arrive)
  3. Food – freezer meals lovingly prepared by friends so I don’t have to cook in a dusty kitchen
  4. The electrician who is re-wiring our home to take it from a fire hazard to a safe environment for my soon to be two boys
  5. A husband who will take on a mouse in our house and dispose of it without me having to ever see the creature
  6. A son who keeps me focused on the bigger picture and makes me want to demonstrate what thankfulness looks like
  7. A faithful, loving, compassionate God who goes before me in all I do and patiently waits for me to cry out to him in my weakness so he can pick me up and carry me the rest of the way

Ahh, that feels better. It’s amazing how simply verbalizing the blessings in your life God can totally change your heart and show you his provision.

So here’s a little video of what we are doing for fun in the midst of chaos (notice the holes in the wall above the bed?).

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