Review: LUSH invents FUN Moldable Soap!

I don’t normally do a lot of “reviews” on my blog but when I came across this product I just knew I had to share it. LUSH has come out with a fun new multi-purpose, moldable soap for your body hair and bath called, you guessed it, FUN!  That’s right, you can wash with it; you can bathe with it for masses of bubbles; and you can even mold it into crazy shapes.

I received a few samples to test out with Little Man and he went gaga over the messy moldable stuff. I crumbled some under the running water for some instant bubbles and we starting creating shapes. Granted I am not that creative so it ended up being a snake, but hey I tried! The consistency is like play dough but more crumbly. It holds together pretty well under water so Little Man could play with a ball of it for awhile in the water without it disintegrating.


Surprisingly it stayed together until you lathered it in your hands!

One of my favorite features was that it turns the water the color of your FUN dough! Notice how green the water got? Best part is it doesn’t stain ANYTHING, including your tub! I used it to wash Little Mans body and hair and it all just washed right off clean.


Notice the water is green?

FUN is priced at $6.95 each which means it’s great for kids stocking stuffers and comes in FIVE colors, all which have their own unique scent. We tried the yellow, green and red colors (note that red really looks orange)

  1. YELLOW FUN: A comforting blend of vanilla and gardenia, smells like delicious marzipan.
  2. GREEN FUN: An uplifting fragrance with lemon and lime oils that awaken the senses.
  3. RED FUN: A fruity combination of orange and mandarin oils to revitalize the mind.
  4. BLUE FUN: A gentle, soothing hug in the bath before bedtime using calming oils such as lavender and chamomile.
  5. PINK FUN: A sweet treat with ice-cream scented tonka absolute and benzoin resinoid which helps to stimulate circulation.

**FUN is made with a base of corn flour, talc and glycerine, it’s even ideal for bathing beauties with sensitive skin.



Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review but was sent product


  1. Awesome! But alas, the blue is out of stock, since everyone wants the calming one for the kiddos. 🙂

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