What to do with Christmas cards after Christmas?

I love being able to see all my cards at a glance instead of them sitting in a basket all month

I love Christmas cards and always enjoy putting together our family photos to send off to friends during the holidays. It makes me so happy when I recieve cards in the mail from friends and family far and near letting us know how they are doing and seeing how their children are growing. This year I decided to place them all on my wall in the shape of a tree so I could enjoy looking at all my friends and family throughout the month. But as I put away the decorations I always feel bad tossing those precious cards, but what do you do with them?

Yes you could save them for kids crafts but I heard a great idea that I think I may implement this year. Each week of the new year, pick one card you received and pray for that person/family for the entire week.  It’s a great way to bless someone who’s thought of you at Christmas and a reminder to pray for our family and friends throughout the year.

Who’s gonna try this with me?


  1. I didn’t see my card up there…can I sign up for more prayer than just a week?

  2. That’s a good idea! I struggle with what to do with old holiday cards (and bday cards too). I actually have a file folder I keep old cards in. But at some point I have to throw them out. I think going through them one week at a time and sending positive thoughts to that person/family is a great way to do something positive as you get rid of the cards. Great idea.

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