Wordless Wednesday – Obesity Cure

Ok who am I kidding! When am I ever wordless!?? So I was going through old photos and found this picture I did for the cover of Women’s World. As I start to consider losing the baby weight I am thinking I may want to revisit this “Obesity Cure.” Anyone have any good diets and/or exercise tips?

Womens World Cover


  1. I’m actually trying to get into yoga. Of all the research I’ve done it’s really amazing. I need to lose weight at the moment and the way I did it before was five small meals a day no bigger than the size of your fist, no beef or wheat or stuff like that. Worked real well. I’ll let you know how the yoga works if I ever actually get to doing it on the regular…

    • The small meals no larger than your fist is definitely something I need to get back to. I just like beer and sweets too much. 😉

  2. Wow Kate I didn’t know you were pictured in Women’s World ? That’s so awesome your as beautiful as ever !!
    I’ve struggled with weight loss all my life some of it do to being “herretitary”
    I hoping that’s spelled right LoL & some of do to having 2 kids with in 1/12 of eesity ach other & also do to health
    Having my bypass surgery was the best thing I could do for myself I can’t believe It’s been 10 years since then & I’ve keep more then half of the weigh off !! I’m so thankful to our Lord for helping along the way. Most people I know have gained all there weight back . I think the Obesity Cure sound a little hard on your body sounds like your starving your body ? I know from my experience eating 5-7 small meals a day helps to not hit a Plato in your weight loss . Here are some things I’ve found you might like !! : ) http://www.fit pregnancy.com ( mom &.baby yoga ) this gives a lot of information on doing yoga after having a baby !! & this one I found on Amazon.com
    Yoga for mom & baby ( A postnatal yoga workout ) This is great if you want to yoga in your own home !! Well hope it might you I’m praying for you always I know prayer will get you through anything ! : )

  3. P.s sorry for the miss typed words this darn touch screen phone ! LoL : )

  4. Look at you! You are so stunning. 🙂

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