A Day in the Life of a Mom of Two

Before I became a mom I always wondered what a day of a stay at home mom looked like. They obviously took care of a kid, or two, but besides that what did they do all day!? Now having a newborn and very active toddler I realize how little time you have for anything non kid related. So for those people who wonder what an average day looks like here is a detailed look at my day. Obviously things change due to what we have planned but there are some constants in there that I deal with daily. Please note I left out all behavior issues and discipline. Although they take time (sometimes a lot!) I didn’t think that was pertinent to what I was trying to accomplish:

4am – wake up to crying baby, feed him, fall back asleep myself

7am – wake up to toddler yelling for Cheerios and a diaper change

7:05am – while changing said diaper, and arguing that he must eat oatmeal first before he can have Cheerios, baby wakes up and wants to be fed

7:15am – get toddler breakfast and situated in front of cartoons, change baby’s diaper, sit down to nurse

7:30am – make sure baby is happy under play gym, as I go to get my own breakfast and make coffee toddler wants a different show and would now like previously promised Cheerios since he’s finished his oatmeal

7:45am – throw load of laundry in the washer. Finally sit down to eat breakfast and take a drink of coffee, baby starts to fuss and needs change of scenery

8:30am – get baby back to sleep, microwave coffee as it has now gotten cold before toddler wants to get down from highchair to play

9am – get toddler and myself dressed for the day, refill diaper bag with essentials, pack snacks for day at the park. Microwave forgotten coffee again in hopes of drinking it hot.

9:30am – baby wakes up, diaper change, nurse him, get him dressed.

10am – announce it’s time to leave, wrangle wiggly toddler to get his shoes on. Realize coffee is still in microwave, grab the mug and down it cold before heading out the door.

10:30am – arrive at park and ask why toddler has once again taken off his shoes and socks in the car, put them back on. Attempt to chat with other mom friends while baby sleeps in carrier and toddler runs in all directions.

12:30am – get home from park, argue with toddler as he has taken off his shoes and socks again, carry him inside. Prepare to make lunch when baby starts fussing and needs to be changed and fed

1pm – put toddler in front of TV to eat his lunch and tell him to start taking bites. Begin preparing my lunch

1:15pm – sit down to eat when baby needs a change of scenery, bounce him on my lap one handed while scarfing my food with the other. Prompt toddler to keep eating

1:30pm – get baby down in swing, prompt toddler to take bites, do dishes from that morning and lunch

2pm – give up and shovel the food into his mouth myself, wash him up and announce it’s nap time

2:30pm – check on toddler via video monitor and yell for him to lay down.

2:45pm – toddler starts yelling that he has a poopy, change diaper, tuck him back in

3pm – both kids asleep, finish dishes, prep dinner for tonight, check email, write blog post, pay bills, switch laundry, call and make doctors appointments

4pm – toddler wakes up and wants a snack

4:30pm – baby wakes up, change and nurse him

5pm – text husband and ask when he’s leaving work

5:15pm – put baby in bouncer and start making dinner

5:50pm – Daddy’s home! Toddler begins running laps around the couch in excitement. Hand over baby and finish dinner

6:15pm – get baby to sleep in swing. Eat dinner and try to talk with husband about our days while prompting toddler to eat

6:30pm – toddler begs to get down. Tell him to take 3 more bites. After much whining he does

7pm – bath time with Daddy while I start to do dishes. Baby starts fussing and wants to be changed and fed again.

8pm – get baby to sleep, go back to do dishes while hearing Daddy coax toddler into his pajamas. Fluff laundry

8:15pm – Daddy reads stories and gets toddler to bed, comes and helps clean up kitchen, fold laundry

8:45pm – baby wakes up, change and nurse him

9pm – attempt to watch TV while keeping baby happy in play gym

9:30pm – give baby a bath in hopes he will get tired and want to go down for the night

10pm to 11:30pm – alternate swaddling, nursing and swaying the baby to get him to sleep

11:45pm – husband rocks baby to sleep while I hit the hay!





  1. Sounds just like my day, only plus one. Luckily, Florida pays for four year olds to go to preschool, so I get a three hour break from #2. On the other hand, my oldest is in second grade which adds homework to contend with as well as piano lessons and soccer practice. My seven week old is still super clinging, which makes things even more interesting since that means any time she is awake I have be holding her. It is tough, but I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

  2. that sounds like my days now except my youngest 12 weeks old falls alseep by 8. and having the battle of nap and bed time with my 3 year old can make it even longer of a routine… love what you wrote!


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