My advice for new moms

Here’s the start of my most recent post to the Right Start:

I recently attended a baby shower for some friends of ours that are living in London yet here on holiday before their baby arrives this July. Instead of games they had an open forum where parents at all stages of life could share how they would finish these two sentences:

“I’m so glad I did ____ as a parent”


“I wish I had _____ as a parent”

It got me thinking as to what sage advice I would give to a new mom, only three years into parenting myself. Since I can never pick just one word of advice here’s my list of top tips for new parents:

from a spiritual perspective I wanted to add two more tips for Christian moms.

  1. Find a women’s bible study with childcare – you will feel like you are in a spiritual desert as your time  is sucked up with caring for a baby. What little free time you have is most likely taken up with sleeping, showering or eating. Having a weekly bible study where you can drop your kid(s) off and really focus on the word of God is more precious than gold to me and kept me encouraged in my walk with the Lord.
  2. Learn to pray without ceasing – doing dishes, nursing, or, my favorite, while driving. Whenever you get a free moment just talk to the Lord. These sometimes short prayers keep me feeling connected to my Savior and not so alone.

to see the full list click on the link here Top parenting tips for new moms: “I’m so glad I did____ as a mom”

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