I donated my breast milk

DOnated breast milk lo resLife is strange and sometimes you find yourself doing things you would never have thought you would. This week I wrote about my experience donating my breast milk to a mother in need. I love being a part of the body of Christ. Sometimes I get to be the mouthpiece, other times I get to be the hands and on a rare occasion I even get to be the boobs. 😉

Start at the Right Start to read about my personal thoughts on the process

I donated my breast milk: a humbling experience that brought me to my knees


Then visit MomsLA where I chronicled my meeting with this mom in need

I donated my breast milk: a meeting I will never forget


Happy Breastfeeding Awareness Month!




  1. John Wilkinson says:

    You’re an amazing woman Kate Wilkinson. And while all the glory indeed goes to the Lord for making you into who you are, it’s a priviledge to be your husband.

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