A Year of Intentionality

Every year around August I like to re-focus. It’s like my own personal New Year’s resolutions. For the past two years God has given me a focus for the year ahead and I have loved basking in learning about one of His character traits.

Two years ago was a lesson in His faithfulness. Everything I was involved with, each situation I encountered and even my trials centered around His Faithfulness. He was faithful in my marriage, repairing what had been broken and giving us a new found love for each other. He was faithful in my parenting, using my child as a mirror image of how I act to God’s correction. There’s nothing more humbling than watching your child throw a tantrum and realize you must look the same way to God when you don’t want to follow His leading. He was faithful in taking care of my child (I never once was called down to the nursery) so I could focus on being in His word during my weekly bible study. He was faithful in meeting me in my prayer life. I don’t think I have ever prayed as much as I prayed that year, and it was truly life changing. When I opened my eyes to God’s faithfulness He was able to show me where he has been faithful in other peoples lives as well. He was even able to use me to answer some of their prayers which was a huge blessing to me to be a part of His work.

Last year was the year of Obedience. I even wrote a post about one of my encounters with obedience in “Blessed for Obedience.” When I thought of obedience I always thought of how we are to obey God. I never saw obedience as a characteristic of God. Yet the Lord showed me how Jesus was obedient and submitted to His Father in heaven.

“Being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.”  Philippians 2:8

Although I made the appearance of obedience on the outside the Lord showed me the areas in my life where I still had a disobedient heart.

This year seems to be the year of Intentionality. I’ve realized that I have let a lot slide and lost my intention in so many areas of my life; my finances, my parenting, my marriage, my friendships, my ministering, my spiritual walk. I just keep moving but I’m not even sure I know where I’m moving towards. Doing things the way you’ve always done them just because…well…that’s what you’ve always done is no longer good enough in my book. I want to be confident that I am exactly where God wants me, in every area of life. So this year I plan to look at each area of my life and be more intentional about where I spend my time and energy. I am going to ask myself two questions,

  1. Is this life giving?
  2. Is this of eternal importance?

You see some things can be life giving, such as a fun networking event. But if it’s not of eternal importance than that means I am taking time away from something that will pour into work for His kingdom. On the flip side some things are of eternal importance, such as bible studies or a Christian book study. But if they don’t get me excited or suck energy, creating exhaustion or even bitterness then that’s not a good thing either. If I can’t answer yes to both of those it’s time to cut it out or step away.

So friends, what areas of your life do you need to be more intentional?



  1. Kelly Phinney says:

    Being a genuine friend/ good listener
    Reading the Bible
    Playing with my kids


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