Filming with Playtex Baby and The Mowry Sisters

Makeup and hair ready

Makeup and hair ready

Back in June I was afforded the opportunity to film a short video for Playtex Baby with Tia and Tamera Mowry. I knew them best from those Friday nights when I would watch Sister Sister. The whole day was such fun and Tia and Tamera were so sweet and a blessing to work with. I even had my own makeup and hair stylist that followed me around all day primping me!

Since I was still nursing I got to bring along Punkin and my mom as a babysitter while I was on set. Punkin became our on set mascot and whenever the director couldn’t find the Mowry sisters we would always find them in the dressing room flirting with Punkin as he smiled right back.

Tia and Tamera were Punkin's biggest fans!

Tia and Tamera were Punkin’s biggest fans!

We filmed at a beautiful residence up in Beverly Hills. Here is a view of the house as well as the view from the pool.

Home views

I really channeled my former life in broadcast journalism and PR to give them great short soundbites. Here’s the Director giving me instruction as I film my introduction.


The best part was getting to hang with some wonderful fellow bloggers like Desiree (Sarcastic, Funny and Brutally Honest), Leah (Mamavation), Lexie (La Primera Blog), and Coco (Vida Coco).

photo 4 (2)

So without further ado Here’s the Deal on Playdates!

Although I only shot one of the “Here’s the Deal” videos all of them are fun to watch and have some great coupons at the end so be sure to check them all out!

STAY TUNED as I have a HUGE Playtex Baby prize pack to give away. Look for that in my next post!


  1. This was a great video!

  2. Loved your comment about sharing toys, Kate! We are CONSTANTLY working on that one in our household 😉

  3. How exciting to see you on camera! You look gorgeous, Kate.


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