Halloween Fun: pumpkins, recipes and pics

Fall is upon us…even if it is 75 degrees outside. At least it’s cold at night and I can occasionally light my candles without breaking a sweat. 😉 In case you weren’t aware I LOVE fall, as I explained in my recent post for the Right Start “The blessed pumpkin: obsession, memories, and recipes“.

Having a new baby this fall I wanted to get that coveted baby with pumpkin photo. We took the family to Underwood Farms last weekend to accomplish the task and I think it turned out pretty nicely don’t you?

My Punkin with pumpkins

My Punkin with pumpkins

Here’s a few more photos from our family day at the farm

Life as a mom of boys

Life as a mom of boys



Dad and Punkin

Such a happy baby!

Boys in train

Brothers on the train



















As Halloween is next week I also have big designs on what we want to carve in our pumpkins. Little Man is obsessed with Dragons: Defenders of Berk right now and has insisted on a Toothless pumpkin. Thankfully their Facebook page linked to a pumpkin stencil to help. We’ll see how skilled Dada is with a knife this year. As we carve I always like to have themed food on hand to munch and Pillsbury had some fun ideas I thought I would share.

Chomping Monsters: silly and scary monsters made with chocolate chip cookies

Crescent Mummy Dogs: wrap up a hot dog in true mummy fashion in this fun Halloween take on classic Crescent dog

Spider Web Cookie Pizza: so cute, it’s scary – a simple cookie crust becomes a web of delight

What are your plans for Halloween?


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