Kids book reviews

I LOVE kids books. I can’t even believe I just said that considering I was the woman telling my mother in law to stop buying books for the baby because the small shelf was already full! But three years later I have purchased a huge bookshelf and just adore reading new books to Little Man. Punkin (6 months) is even getting in on the action, although he mostly gums the books right now.

I have been sent a few books to review so I thought I would share my thoughts on them.

Reading On my way to the bath lo resOn My Way to the Bath

Written by mom blogger Sarah Maizes this book is hysterical and super funny. I love her humor and my son loves when I do the “Mom voice”. The one issue I did have with the storyline is how the little girl doesn’t listen to her mom. The mom in this story tells Livi multiple times to get into the bath and it’s not until she counts to 10 that Livi finally gets in. Being a mom of a toddler that part frustrated me more than anything. But it did give me insight into how the often distracted brain of a child works. Sarah has another book out, On My Way to Bed, that I am looking forward to reading to the boys.


What a Bank Can DogI_104127_WhataBankCanDo

Union Bank partnered with nationally recognized children’s authors John and Diane Tuzee to write What a Bank Can Do. This children’s book explores the importance of saving money through its main characters Luke and Linda, who first learn with their toy banks and later with their own bank accounts.  Colorful and easy-to-read with rhyming verse-text, the book reminds children to always save more than you spend. Although I felt it was a little over my toddlers head he really enjoyed it and I often found him looking through the book on his own, probably because of the great illustrations. 😉 To read the complete book just click here!

BookPostcardFrontFireball Tim’s Big Book of Wacky Cars

This is certainly the most creative car book I have seen. With cars such as Snakestrip (an electrical power strip) and Boo Boo Mobile (a band aid) these cars are truly wacky. Although there really isn’t a story line there are questions under each car to engage the reader. It can be a very interactive book if your kid likes to chat (as mine does). I will say this book is a tad old for my three year old but he does like the pictures and I can ask him to point out funny things on the page as we flip through.

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