How doing the Whole30 Challenge changed the way I eat

I have been on a pretty strict diet lately called the Whole 30. Now don’t misunderstand, this is not a weight loss diet but rather a re-setting of your body and how you eat. I won’t go into detail about what this diet includes (click the link above for more info) but the jist is I am supposed to eat whole foods, nothing processed. I cannot have dairy, grains, legumes, white potatoes, or added sugar of any kind. It sounded pretty limiting at first but I figured it was only 30 days and in the past few months I had become a little grossed out with the way we were eating. I swear I could smell the preservatives in the bread we were buying! Thus I said good bye to pasta and began my journey into the world of real whole foods.

The first week wasn’t bad and frankly neither was the second. It became tough when I started PMSing and CRAVING chocolate…for like 3 days. I finally broke my rule and found a paleo friendly chocolate mousse recipe where the only ingredient I wasn’t supposed to have was honey. It was DELICIOUS!

As I finish up my last week I thought I would share some of my thoughts on this challenge and how it’s changed the way I view food.

  • The thing I missed most was not the cupcakes or the pasta but my sugary coffee drinks. So many times I just wanted to get an Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte but alas if I wanted coffee it had to be drunk black. 🙁
  • I thought I would miss dairy more than I did. The only times I really wished I could add cheese was when I made a paleo pizza.
  • There was a big learning curve when it came to menu planning and grocery shopping. I think I visited five different stores that first week. I just kept running out of produce or realizing I needed more clarified butter and coconut oil. But once I got my system of menu planning down and had stocked my pantry and fridge with the essential spices and oils it became a lot easier to do my once a week shop.
  • By week 2 I was feeling so amazing I made the decision I never wanted to go back to our old habits. I realized how many Man-made things I was ingesting instead of God-made things. I purged our fridge of most all processed foods, especially those with hidden sugar ingredients. I even stopped taking my multi vitamins (filled with synthetic supplements) in favor of Juice Plus, daily pills with concentrated fruit and vegetable nutrients straight from the source.
  • One of my favorite parts of this way of eating is that I have TONS more energy. I don’t get those afternoon lows when I just pray my kids would nap so I could. I also notice I don’t go from full to STARVING in two seconds with no warning. When I get hungry it’s a slow progression and I can gauge when I will need to eat or what would make a healthy option instead of grabbing the chips just to make the hunger go away long enough to think of what to make for dinner.
  • With a bit of planning and prep I always had food on hand. Plus I found myself enjoying the creativity of figuring out what I could make from what’s in the fridge: leftover veggies, cooked chicken and half a carton of chicken stock…soup for lunch!
  • I did lose weight! I won’t go into how much, and I still have more to go, but overall I feel so much better

Now that my challenge is pretty much over we have decided to eat more Paleo moving forward. If I fill my body with nutritious whole foods 90% of the time then I won’t have to worry about that 10% when we’re at Disneyland and I just want a churro. 🙂

Have you changed your eating habits lately?




  1. What an interesting journey!

  2. Yeah thats really amazing.

  3. Never heard of the Whole30 diet. Sounds very interesting, and you definitely can’t go wrong with eating whole foods!

    • Nope you certainly can’t. Although I’ve had to watch out for eating things too high in fat content if my goal is to lose weight. Nuts are a great snack but carry a lot of good fat.

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