Mom 2.0 Summit Recap Part 2: Content Strategy – the latest in social media platforms Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter & Google+

My absolute favorite panel was called Content Strategy: The latest in social media platforms. The panelists included Charlie Capen (@Howtobeadad), Jyl Johnson Pattee (@momitforward), Rachel Faucett (@followcharlotte), Ekta Tandon (@whirlpoolusa), and it was moderated by Kristen Chase (@coolmompicks). Each of the panelists walked us through social media platforms where they are doing a great job of maximizing that space for their brand. Due to space I am only going to talk through Facebook and Pinterest, but if you’d like more information on Twitter or Google+ feel free to email me.



How to Be A Dad has done an amazing job with their blog and Facebook page. Their community has grown to over 96,000 so it’s no wonder Charlie has the inside scoop on how to maximize your reach when using Facebook pages and beating their algorithms (at least for now ;). Charlie also mentioned he shared these tips with people at Facebook and they agreed these would help maximize a person or brands reach.

  1. Know your rush hour – when is your audience on Facebook? Is it in the mornings, afternoons, evenings or maybe even midnight? Figuring out when they like to engage will help you know when to share that blog post where you want the highest reach.
  2. Focus on engagement not traffic building – Facebook is more about engaging your audience by comments and shares. It isn’t always about pushing traffic to your blog.
  3. Vary content type & timing – don’t just post picture after picture after picture. Try posting statuses, links, video and pictures in varying order. The more you vary the type of status you share the better chance people will see it. Figure out when your audience likes to see certain content. Do you get a lot of hits from a funny video at 4pm but maybe not so much at 10am? Play around with the type of content you put out and when to see how your audience likes to engage with you.

PINTEREST HandmadebyCharlotte

If you haven’t been following HandMadeCharlotte then go follow her right now. Her Pinterest following has grown to over 686,164 people and one look at her gorgeous images shows you why. Here’s her tips for creating pinworthy pins and being a follow worthy pinner.

  1. Optimize your image – Vertical images always work best and using the colors red, orange or pink tend to do better and get more pins.
  2. Rich pinning – The difference between an enhanced (Rich) product pin and a regular pin of a product is the enhanced pin shows current pricing details and has a direct link to the product page. Regular pins require the user to enter the price (which can only be updated by the user) and the link only pops up when someone hovers over the image. Pinterest has a developer’s page that covers the process by which you can enhance your own website with rich pins. To learn even more about the value of Rich Pins I found this article to be SUPER helpful.
  3. Merchandise content – don’t JUST pin a bunch of one item (i.e. shoes you like) but create boards that tell the whole story. For a date night you wouldn’t just pin a bunch of high heels. Pin the entire evening; room décor, menu items, jewelry, hair styles, drinks, etc. Take them on a journey with each board you create.

There were so many wonderful learning opportunities and I will continue to put into practice the things I learned and the ways I was inspired. And if you want to hold me accountable follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

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