Jennifer Garner, Giselle Bundchen and GMO Labeling

imageI was invited this week to a fun evening to hear about the importance of GMO labeling. Jennifer Garner along with Gisellse Bundchen were in attendance as concerned moms wanting to lend their support. From the venue to the food to the keynote everything was beautiful and impecably presented. But the most important message of the night was given by Gary Hirshberg, Chairman of Stonyfield Farm and Just Label It (a non-profit dedicated to GMO labeling.)

For those who don’t know GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) were introduced into the market nearly 19 years ago. USDA data shows that GMO crops have led to the use of hundreds of millions of pounds of herbicides. This is because most GMO crops have been engineered to be herbicide resistant, which means farmers can use more of the chemicals without injuring their crops. The World Health Organization recently labeled the most prolific of these herbicides as probably carcinogenic.

Just Label It

Furthermore, the over-use of these compounds has led to an explosion of herbicide-resistant weeds, which in turn has led to the use of even stronger probable carcinogenic compounds, which then creates more weed resistance.

Unfortunately, the largest American food and biotech companies have responded by spending enormous sums of money to stop grassroots labeling efforts. A dangerous bill (known as the DARK Act) was recently introduced, and backed by the Grocery Manufacturers Association. It deceptively appears to support labeling while actually only requiring voluntary labeling – which would not give consumers the transparency they deserve. Thus, the DARK Act would prevent the U.S. from joining 64 other nations around the world with mandatory GMO labeling.

Now I’m not sure about you but I prefer NOT to support companies that use GMOs. But I can’t know what I’m buying without labels. Here’s a list to help you in your purchasing decisions.


You can also help by joining Just Label It’s #ConcealorReveal campaign. Their website has many ways you can take action such as signing the FDA petition or contacting Congress to let them know you support federally mandated labeling of GMOs.

Will you help spread the word? Here’s a few sample tweets or Facebook status’ to share with your followers. We ALL have a right to know what’s in our food!

  • I have a right to know what I feed my kids. @Quaker will you #ConcealOrReveal? Support mandatory GMO labeling!
  • Join me in telling @Quaker to #ConcealOrReveal & support mandatory GMO labeling! #JustLabelIt
  • I’m joining @JustLabelIt’s effort asking companies to tell the White House and FDA they support mandatory labeling of GMOs. Will you join me? #JustLabelIt
  • The DARK Act will keep us in the dark about our food. We need the right to know now, so tell the White House and FDA that you support GMO labeling! #ConcealOrReveal

And just because I was a serious Alias fan I couldn’t resist getting a pic with Jennifer Garner. 😉


Jennifer Garner and I at the JUst Label It event - April 20, 2015

Jennifer Garner and I at the JUst Label It event – April 20, 2015

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