The Five Baby Carriers on the Market and Which May Be Right for You

the five baby carriers on the market and which may be right for you

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I am a HUGE fan of babywearing. I have been wearing my babies since my firstborn was a few weeks old. I have tried a slew of different carriers and have loved each one for different reasons. Since I blog about parenting products and baby gear I get asked a lot about the “best” baby carrier on the market. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about babywearing it’s how personalized it needs to be to make it work for your family. What’s “best” for me may not be “best” for you.

So in an effort to educate you all on the different types of baby carriers available I’ve enlisted the help of my friend and Babywearing Educator Laura Brown. She is not only the co-founder of BabywearingLA       and SoCal Babywearers but also heads up Education and Events for Ergobaby. She gave me my first baby carrier before my first son was born and I have seen her passion and education for babywearing grow to amazing heights over the last five years.

I was honored to interview her for a post on The Right Start’s Blog. To view the whole interview click HERE. Below is her explanations of the Pros and Cons of each carrier type on the market.

Stretchy wrap (like a Moby):
Pros: Soft and cozy like a tshirt, inexpensive, can pre-tie and “pop” baby in and out.
Cons: Long, moderate learning curve, only for newborns/small infants. Can only be worn front facing in. One of the most difficult carriers to breastfeed in.

Using my Moby with Munchkin

Using my Moby with Munchkin

Ring Sling:
Pros: Great for newborns through toddlers. Adjustable for different body types, affordable. Easy to breastfeed in.
Cons: One shoulder carrier, moderate learning curve. Only for front facing in and hip carries.

wearing Punkin in the first baby carrier I ever recieved, a ring sling

wearing Punkin in the first baby carrier I ever recieved, a ring sling

Mei Tais:
Pros: Highly adjustable, crossable straps, can used with small babies through toddlers. Can be used front and back. Very dad friendly.
Cons: Moderate learning curve, less available brand options.

Woven wraps:
Pros: Extremely versatile, can fit every body and every baby. Front facing in, hip and back carries, newborn to toddler. Beautiful to look at.
Cons: Higher price point, higher learning curve. Choosing one can feel intimidating. Not widely available for purchase.

wearing Little Man in a woven wrap

wearing Little Man in a woven wrap

Buckle Carriers:
Pros: Easy to use, easy to adjust between wearers. Easily available to purchase. Some offer three positions, some offer a fourth position of facing out. Some have hoods and pockets.
Cons: Not as soft or conforming to the body, can feel bulky. Not always newborn appropriate. Narrow base carriers can be hard on your back and not as comfortable long term so look for one that is ergonomic and has a waist belt.


My absolute FAVORITE all purpose carrier to date, the Ergo 360. Here I am wearing Munchkin at a family outing to Griffith Park Observatory.

My absolute FAVORITE all purpose carrier to date, the Ergo 360. Here I am wearing Munchkin at a family outing to Griffith Park Observatory.

Lastly I asked Laura a few more questions

What tips do you give clients for successful babywearing?

Try on as many carriers as you can to figure out what might be a good carrier choice, and don’t give up. It may require a bit of practice. Know some resources for hands on help if something comes up or isn’t working for you.

– If there was one piece of advice you would share with a new mom what would that be?

Follow your instincts. We’re given this amazing ability to know what our children and family need, we just need to learn to quiet the noise around us.


So what baby carriers do you have in your closet?  


  1. Bunny girl and I love our Ergo 360! I’m petite and short-waisted with mild neck and low back concerns. The adjustable, well-padded shoulder straps and center back buckle are easy on my neck and allow me to have decent posture. And the nice wide waistband is supportive and comfy for the low back when it’s worn pretty snugly. My husband, who is average height but long-waisted and muscular/broad through the shoulders and chest, wears the bunny in it and says it’s comfortable for him, too. We borrowed a beautiful ring sling from a sweet friend and babywearing advocate, but it really hurt my neck and back no matter how I adjusted it. Would like to try a woven wrap for its versatility, but it’s been so hot I’ve been putting it off. As the bunny gets bigger, we’ll most likely be looking at Tula and other toddler options. Most likely buckle-based. Love, love, love wearing our girl!!

    • I agree with you about the ring sling. Although I love mine for around the house and quick trips for drop off it’s not a long time carrier for me as well. I’m just such a buckle girl!


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