There’s no SHOULD in Breastfeeding: my breastfeeding photo shoot

There's no SHOULD in BreastfeedingWith World Breastfeeding Week upon us it got me thinking about my own breastfeeding journey. The ups, the downs and all the people and things that helped ensure my success in breastfeeding my sons (chronicled here in The Unsung Heroes of Breastfeeding).

I feel like everything I see or read on social media regarding breastfeeding is to the extreme. You should always wear a cover in public. You should never use a nursing cover. You should nurse exclusively. You should make sure your baby takes a bottle. You should pump. You should supplement with formula. You should do EVERYTHING in your power to keep your milk supply up.

There is no SHOULD in breastfeeding

Everyone’s journey is uniquely theirs.

Breastfeeding for me was something I knew I wanted to do if I could. The cost benefit alone was huge (do you KNOW how expensive formula is!?). The conveinence of always having milk available and the soothing effect was another bonus. So I pushed through sore nipples, engorgement and got educated on breastfeeding dos and don’ts. Thankfully my boys all had decent latches and I never had any major issues.

As I nurse Munchkin, I know this is my last baby and I am enjoying nursing this time around even more than I have in the past. That precious hand touching and caressing my heart or holding my hand while he suckles. The smell of his head. The cooing sounds as he gulps down my milk, made by God to nourish every part of his body. Those eyes that bore into my soul and make me so grateful to be present in that moment with him.  I just want to capture this special time…and so I did.

So here’s the photos my very talented friend Lindsay Gardner took in her living room. They are modest, precious and exactly what I look like when I breastfeed. OK maybe not EXACTLY. I don’t always nurse in front of a white backdrop. 😉



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