What’s in my RED LIPSTICK!?: Finding safer brands in cosmetics

My journey into green living began about two years ago and it started with food. I think most of us start there. It’s an easy one to attack and start making changes where you see an immediate difference. But with all the education I learned about food I began to question other aspects of my home. What toxic chemicals were hiding in my favorite multi purpose cleaner? What was touching the plates I ate from or the clothes I wore? Thus I searched for safer alternatives in my cleaning products, laundry detergent, and then slowly started changing over my personal care items. Yet the last hold out has been my makeup and skin care.

imageI’ll be honest, I AM NOT giving up my RED LIPSTICK! But I found it pretty difficult to figure out what brands were “safer” than others. It wasn’t until I attended a panel at ShiftCon called Beauty and the Beast: Navigating the World of Green Beauty that I learned why it’s SO HARD!

Basically it all boils down to this. The beauty industry is not required to tell you pretty much ANYTHING.

We’re well into the 21st century, so you would think any outdated practices by the beauty industry would have fizzled out. Unfortunately that’s not the case; the last time Congress passed a major federal law regulating cosmetic ingredients was in 1938. And as a result, companies can legally use thousands of ingredients that have never been tested for their impacts on human health or the environment. And they do.

Most skin care products contain ingredients that have been linked to hormone-disruption, cancer, infertility, early puberty and other health impacts. I’m not being dramatic about this, some of our country’s leading institutions say so themselves including: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Mount Sinai, the University of California – San Francisco, Tufts and Berkley University, just to name a few.

source: LindsayDahl.com

You know that red lipstick I was talking about? Well most color cosmetics contain heavy metals like lead and cadmium. Although they are natural they are highly toxic and often contaminate color cosmetics (including “natural” brands).

SO what’s a girl to do!!??

Glad you asked! I have found one beauty company that’s dedicated to transparency and sourcing materials to bring us not only safe ingredients but well performing cosmetics. Here’s a short video that tells you a bit about Beautycounter.


If you are as inspired by this company as I was than stay tuned. I will be sharing about my Green Beauty Event featuring one of those ShiftCon panelists Lindsay Dahl. There’s even a fabulous giveaway of the gift bags we gave out that night!

But if you want to check out Beautycounter right away visit our social and shop site here.


  1. I agree wholehearted, we shouldn’t have to compromise our health in the name of beauty. I am so grateful Beautycounter is around so you can both have red lips and know that you’re safe! xo


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