Treasuring the little things: God’s lessons to a young mom

“But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.”  Luke‬ ‭2:19‬

Today I treasured these things in my heart like Mary. I want to bundle up this morning in a bow and tuck it away like a gift to be opened later when I need a little encouragement. Maybe today you need a little encouragement as well.

Last night my middle son (Punkin) slept in a big boy bed. I was sitting at the table doing my bible study when he shuffled out in his “zip up” pjs to greet me. It was the first time he had not needed to call for me to come get him out of his crib. As he cuddled on my lap for a minute I got to snuggle the messy bedhead and read Jesus’ sweet words about fellowship. How our joy is only made complete when we share it with others. I can’t imagine a more perfect setting for a mother. Reading the living Word and holding one of the most precious gifts of joy God gives.

Punkin slid down (it only lasts a short bit with wriggly little boys) and began to ask where big brother was. As I told him Little Man was asleep on our floor in our room Punkin began to shuffle off down the hall. I called after him to NOT wake his brother up and he appears once again with this look of hysterical anger. “Me not going to wake him up MOM!” Oh I wish I could have just snapped a video of that moment to capture the hysterical tone in his voice and the look on his face. It was one of those moments where all of your constant reminders are thrown back in your face and the sarcasm drips from their lips. He could have very well said, “OBVIOUSLY Mom! I’m not stupid you know!”

Shortly there after Little Man emerges wiping his sleepy eyes and clutching his 3 blankies. Punkin is so delighted to see his brother he rushes to the carpet and says with a gleeful tone, “Brother! Do you want to play Star Wars with me!?”

At first his older brother declines but quickly responds with, “Ok but I have to stretch and do my exercises first.” He begins to stretch out his legs and pretend to do push ups. His seriousness about these exercises betrays the hysterical way he attempts to do them. Not to be left out, Punkin also begins to copy his big brother. His attempts are even more comical. His version of sit ups consists of bending down to touch his toes and dropping and lifting his butt in the air.

Eventually they begin divvying out the toys and as I listen to their banter I get to hear gems like.

“My guys are getting you and you’re not being dead!”
“Brather you are just supposed to LOOK at them. DO you understand!”
“NICE SET UP!”….”Yank You Brather!”

They play so nicely my heart is filled with utter joy. Their relationship is at a place of wonderful partnership as they come together to create an immense imaginary world where TIE Fighters and droids rule.

Although there is still an occasional argument over who gets R2-D2 it doesn’t wreck their relationship. An immediate apology fixes things and brings them back into play time. There is no harbored bitterness. They live in the moment.

I wish I was able to be as present in the moment as they are each day. Yet the responsibilities of adulthood yank on my brain reminding me of those dishes in the sink, breakfast that needs to be made and the schedule that needs to be kept.

What little treasures has the Lord shown you that you can wrap up and open later when you need a little encouragement?

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