Today was NOT a good day…but at least my 2 year old wipes his face

Today has NOT been a good day. It’s one of those days where by 1pm I am just proclaiming, “I am DONE with this day!” Do you feel me?

It started with a child coughing most of the night, waking up late and rushing to get the eldest to school on time. I came back home to finish getting myself, my younger two boys and the house ready for the day. For some reason I wanted to be sure the house was somewhat show ready in case I got a text from the realtor asking to show the house while at Bible Study.

After arriving 20 minutes late to preschool drop off the teacher looked at my empty hands and asked where snack was. Turns out it was my sons turn to bring snack for the entire class. *palm to forehead* I offered to run to the grocery store but they said they had plenty of snack leftovers and it was fine. Thank God! Upon arriving at bible study, late, and getting my much needed cup of coffee worship began up front and the coordinator walks up to me asking why I wasn’t up front singing with the other two ladies. *eyes widen in horror* Why yes I had completely forgotten a mic check that morning and that I was supposed to sing AT ALL! I snuck up on stage after the first song and did my best hoping I wasn’t messing them up.

After feeling like a complete failure all morning I finally get home and lay down to check my emails. Of course there is an email between my realtor and husband about making sure we get our documents to the loan officer of the home we just offered on. *pulls covers over head* One more thing I didn’t get done. After speaking with my husband and having him take that over I finally settle into a short reprieve before the kids wake up. And that’s when the bad news hits. My realtor calls to tell me the home we have been offering and counter offering on all weekend went to the other buyer. The home we were dead set on. The only home we had even considered could finally be THE home. And that’s when I say, “I am DONE with this day!”

Have you had those days? When you just want to throw in the towel and get a reset? When you can’t do anything well and you wonder why am I even putting in this work at the job of life. Let’s face it if Life were a job I would have been fired.

As I drown my sorrows in a chocolate milkshake and cheeseburger my 2 year old toddles to the kitchen, grabs a napkin off the counter, and wipes his mouth and hands.

You guys, it may not seem like a big deal to you but God stopped me dead in my tracks. He turned my self indulgent pity party eyes towards that smiling face and said, “LOOK! Look at that beautiful child I made. He’s wiping his own face! You’ve successfully taught a 2 year old to find a napkin and wipe off ketchup from his face and hands! You are teaching these boys how to be humans…humans with manners!” That’s when I remembered that only 2 minutes ago that same two year old couldn’t reach his water on a table and his big brother got it for him. Upon which this adorable little two year old says, “Yanks brudder”. The best part is this isn’t unusual.

When I am feeling like such a failure in every way God is so gracious in showing me the little ways that I am making a difference. A difference where it counts. In molding the hearts and behaviors of my boys to love each other and love the Lord.

So yes today was just all sorts of hard. Yet I will sit here and bask in the fact that my two year old wipes his own mouth and hands and says Thank You. 🙂

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