Moving, Homelessness and Cancer: How God Provides in the Chaos of Our Life

Some days I am in need of encouragement. That encouragement can come in all forms. From a friend, to a scripture verse, or even something my kid does. But today it came in the form of remembering.

Today as I finally got to sit in silence the Lord brought back to mind how much has happened since March. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, has happened as we thought it would.

We decided to sell our home which took so much longer than expected.  After months of looking at homes, and many rejected offers, we finally got an offer accepted on a home. And while we were in escrow on that house our buyer and backup offer dropped out. We left to go up to camp and had to give it over to God to bring us another buyer in a week or we would lose our dream home and be back at square one.

While all this was going on my Dad was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Lymphoma Cancer. The cancer was inoperable and even with chemo he was given a 58% chance of survival. Not being able to fly to MN to be with him during this time was killing me.

The stress of all these factors added to the daily life of summer with 3 little boys was…well…A LOT. There was a lot of tears, anger and hopelessness that happened.

But here’s the AWESOME part. When my strength fails, when I can’t possibly handle one more thing thats when God whispers in my ear, “I’ve got this”. So I hand it over, and He shows me just what He can do.

– He sold our home in FOUR DAYS. As if that wasn’t enough He even got us a better offer than the previous buyers. The only catch was we had to be moved out of our current home in 21 days. Problem was we had five weeks of renovations that needed to happen on the new home. Not to worry though becasue…

-He provided places for us to stay for FIVE WEEKS until our dream home is ready! One of those weeks was a vacation to Maui we had planned a year ago!

and best of all…

– He healed my Dad. By the 3rd chemo treatment the doctor couldn’t see a single cancer cell on the PET scan! Not only that but He afforded me the blessing of being able to fly out to my Dad for his birthday weekend and spend much needed time alone with him.

As I look back at the last 6 months I certainly remember the stress, the hardship, the rollercoaster of emotions. But along with that I can see where God was working. How he wove together all the disappointments into His perfect timing. How He was molding me and challenging me to trust Him even when I didn’t understand and couldn’t see a way out of the darkness. I see the way He provided support for me during this hard time and continues to provide for me and my family as we couch surf for 2 more weeks.


How has the Lord provided for you this past few months?


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